Milwaukee Manufacturer Liphatech Streamlines Customer Service Using SharePoint and Power Apps

When Liphatech, a global chemical manufacturing organization, needed a to replace binders full of printed price sheets and order entry instructions, they looked to Apsidien.

Liphatech is a global leader in the research, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative pest control products with its headquarters in Milwaukee, WI.

The Business Challenge

The company was experiencing delays and order entry errors because of the manual processes required to look up (and constantly update) information in physical binders.

The Solution

Liphatech leaned on Apsidien's Microsoft 365 and Power Platform expertise to design a more digital, modern solution to organize the documents - including the development of an application to quickly retrieve the information.

SharePoint document libraries with appropriate metadata columns were used to store the information and a Power App was created to quickly search and filter the documents based on the type of product and region.

The Result

As a result of the solution, order entry errors were reduced to zero by the end of the first year.

The elimination of the binders also made collaboration and sharing information effective during the global pandemic and new, hybrid work scenarios.

The original solution was duplicated over time into multiple areas of the organization to multiple the value of the initial system with minimal added cost.