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Microsoft 365 Provisioning & Governance

Bringing control, consistency, and calm to Microsoft 365

Is Your Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Environment Out-Of-Control?

Many organizations rely on the features of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to have people work together in powerful ways.  Allowing a group of people to quickly share information and have discussions with their department, project team and external parties helps reduce misinformation and frustration when communications do not align.


While Microsoft 365 is set up to let people create whatever they want at any time, that also creates issues with inconsistent naming and behaviors that make finding and working with different groups of people difficult

and uncontrolled.  Centralizing the creation of Teams and Sites can also cause delays and frustration that get in the way of getting work done in the organizations.   


Wouldn't it be great to have both CONSISTENCY and CONTROL of your Microsoft 365 workspaces?

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Microsoft 365 Provisioning & Governance Tool

Apsidien365 enables self-service creation and governance for every Microsoft 365 workplace.  Designed from the cloud-up for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, Planner Plans, Yammer Communities, and more, Apsidien365 gives control to administrators, self-service empowerment to users, and peace of mind to management.


With its intuitive, integrated user interface and wide-ranging feature set, Apsidien365 is EASY to deploy, EASY to configure and EASY to use.  Combined with built-in templates and approval processes, this powerful solution helps to bring control, consistency and calm to your Microsoft 365 workspaces.

EASY to deploy

EASY to configure

EASY to use

What is Apsidien365?

The user-empowered flexibility of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, and Groups makes it easy for Microsoft 365 to get out of control very quickly.  Apsidien365’s powerful feature set brings workspace governance to life, solving real-world business challenges within Microsoft 365.


Keep control of your environment while giving your organization the freedom to create a digital spot to work together whenever they need it.  Apsidien365 organizes your requests into repeatable templates for consistent and secure usage across the organization.

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Key Features of Apsidien365


Add a specific structure or set of capabilities for common scenarios and encourage the use of powerful tools and techniques to increase efficiency.


Prevent external sharing or apply different controls to properly secure and protect information across the organization.


Require approvals for governed areas or let some categories of work get created on demand.

Naming Standards

Define and apply naming standards to each spot to help both users and administrators understand the intent of the area.

Additional Insights

Gather & require additional information, like a secondary owner or a project member, to gain a better understanding of how the tools are being used & to help manage the environment over time.


Let your people get what they want, when they need it without losing control of the environment.

Provisioning, Governance & Lifecycle Management for Microsoft 365

Leveraging Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft 365 product stack, Apsidien365 provides guiderail-based governance for Microsoft 365 workspaces incorporating provisioning, workspace lifecycle management, and permissions management enabling governance for content and workspaces like never before.


Enable simple & controlled provisioning for seamless template-driven deployment of your digital workspaces on Microsoft 365.

Empower users with intuitive request forms for creation of SharePoint Sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and more.

Top-down control. Always.


Delegate control to your users while avoiding information chaos, site sprawl and content duplication.

Improve auditing, visibility & efficiency in your Microsoft 365 estate without any compromise on security.

Happy users. Chilled admins.

Lifecycle Management

Effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups & SharePoint Sites.

Control who is able to create, what they can create, archive and when deletion should occur.

No more sprawl. Ever.

Ready To See Apsidien365 In Action?

Let us show you the features of Apsidien365 and how it can help solve your Microsoft 365 governance challenges.

The Benefits of Apsidien365

Prevent Microsoft Workspace Sprawl

For many organizations, the user-empowered flexibility of Microsoft 365 has enabled the creation of multiple and sometimes duplicate Teams by employees – which can quickly spiral out of control. Implementing approvals for new Team requests, using the pre-defined approval processes in Apsidien365, can help prevent the unnecessary sprawl of Teams, SharePoint Sites, Yammer Communities and more.

Empower Users With Self-Service

Provide users with guiderails, not rules, and empower them to take responsibility for their workspaces. With configurable templates, an intuitive user interface and simple workflows, Apsidien365 makes it easy for users to request and rapidly create compliant Teams and SharePoint Online Sites.

Accelerate Microsoft 365 Adoption

Apsidien365 simplifies Microsoft 365 Governance for users, IT administrators and management. It can help improve adoption by enabling user self-service to easily request new Microsoft 365 objects. With its simple request process, it’s so easy to use and will reduce the need to use other insecure cloud services and makes employees feel more confident to adopt and use the Microsoft 365 suite of tools.

Improve Workplace Collaboration

Microsoft 365 is a suite of productivity tools to help employees share knowledge, communicate better and effectively achieve more in a shorter time frame. Combined with Apsidien365 and its robust governance solutions for every Microsoft 365 workspace, users can compliantly collaborate smarter and faster than ever before.

Automate Workspace Disposal

Get more control over the expiration process for sites, Teams and Groups created in Microsoft 365 by assigning different leases against different Microsoft 365 objects. Use Apsidien365 to set specific expiration options for a lease including archiving, notifications, removing access, deletion, and more.

Implement Your Governance Policies

Apsidien365 brings effective Lifecycle Management to your Microsoft 365 workspaces, ensuring that your Governance policies are enforced with minimal disruption to the end-user experience.

Reduce Compliance Risk

With Apsidien365, it’s easy to apply the correct privacy to Microsoft 365 Groups and Modern Team Sites. You can also control which users are given access to newly provisioned objects and enable external access only where required. This significantly reduces risk by ensuring that sensitive data locations are secured and classified according to your organizational needs.

Increase Efficiency of IT Resources

With the ability to promote user-self service with pre-defined templates and approval processes, the pressure on the IT department to create, approve and manage Sites, Groups and Teams is significantly reduced.

Empower Workspace Owners

Allow authorized users within your organization to create and control Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, lists, libraries and content for their team members. These users know who should have access to that content, and hold the responsibility to control Microsoft 365 permissions on the content. This speeds up the Teams and SharePoint site creation process and subsequent management while reducing pressure on IT.

Ensure Workspace Compliance

Have confidence that access to workspaces, sites, lists, or individual items will not cause you compliance headaches. Risk can be managed and mitigated by ensuring that sensitive or confidential data locations are secured and permissioned in line with your organizational needs.

Simple Pricing.  Billed Annually.  No Hidden Costs.

Our licensing is very simple and cost effective.  It is based on the number of licensed users in your Microsoft 365 tenant.

How Many Licenses Do I Need?

You need to license Apsidien365 for every licensed user in your Microsoft 365 tenant. 


Guest users and external users are not counted against your license quota. 


Users that have a license for Exchange (mailbox), SharePoint or Teams are considered to be licensed users of your tenant.

Users that have licenses for non-collaborative services within our tenant (such as PowerBI) or users that use other services (such as Dynamics 365) without Office or Microsoft 365 licenses are not considered licensed users of your tenant.

What's Included?

Updates Forever

Cloud power means you're up-to-date always.

Unlimited Support

Support is included for the life of your subscription.

Azure Security

Our solutions are built and hosted in Microsoft Azure.

No License Guarantee

Our features will never require additional Microsoft licenses.

Onboarding Service

We'll get you up and running like a seasoned pro in no time.

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