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Microsoft 365 Provisioning & Governance

Microsoft 365 Provisioning & Governance Tool Demo
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Get a quick demo of the key features of Apsidien365, a Microsoft 365 provisioning and governance tool. 

Microsoft Teams Governance

Presenters from Apsidien and Virteva talk about why Governance is an important piece of your overall Microsoft Teams strategy and how to optimize it over time.  They provide insights into overcoming initial rollout challenges and share tips and best practices that they've learned through numerous engagements.

Successful Strategies for Microsoft 365 Collaboration

Knowing when to use SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and all of the powerful tools in the Microsoft 365 platform is a key success factor in adopting the technology across your organization.  Jonathan Schultz discusses how defining and using different categories for understanding how your organization works day-to-day can streamline the use of the products.

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