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Microsoft Power Platform Consulting

Optimize your processes and create apps focused on your business

Microsoft Power Platform Consulting Services

Microsoft created the Power Platform to make development of workflows, analytics, and applications more approachable for non-programmers. The Power Platform enables users to do three key actions on data that help them drive business: Automate, Act, and Analyze. 


Power Platform consists of four applications:  Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI & Power Virtual Agents.

Using this suite of tools, Apsidien can help your organization accelerate the creation of impactful applications, workflows, and dashboards, connecting to both Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms.  As a Microsoft Partner, Apsidien is experienced with these tools and can help you implement advanced business solutions using Power Platform.

Power Automate
power automate logo.png

Streamline repetitive tasks & paperless processes

Power Apps

Easily develop mobile & web apps for any business need

Power BI

Create interactive data visualizations from multiple data sources & share important business insights

Power Virtual Agents

Build chatbots to engage with your customers and employees

Work Desk

Apsidien  +  Microsoft Power Platform  =  Countless Possibilities

Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate is a great tool that allows users to automate tasks and business processes within Microsoft 365 to leverage productivity for your organization.  It helps you speed up repetitive tasks with the help of fast, interactive and automated workflows that allow your organization to grow effortlessly.  Workflows developed using Power Automate can sometimes be simple to create but not always.  They can be complex depending on the scenario.   

At Apsidien, we can help you with Power Automate consulting, design, and development of effective workflows to automate some of your complex business processes and make your life easier.

We have helped many organizations understand their current challenges with processes and help them identify pre-built templates which can be the best fit for their industry. From consulting to implementation, designing to development, and much more, we provide end-to-end consulting when it comes to Microsoft Power Automate.

Some Common Scenarios In Which Power Automate Is Used

Approval-Based Processes, like PTO Requests

New Hire On-Boarding

Provisioning Teams & SharePoint Sites

Document Control for ISO Certification

Po Automate

Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps is a powerful platform in which you can easily build new business apps or customize existing apps without the time and expense of custom software development. With this no-code/low-code solution, you can quickly build an app to streamline a part of your operations and connect it to the rest of your operational systems.  Tired of entering all your data in Excel spreadsheets?  Modernize with Power Apps to convert those cumbersome spreadsheets into easy-to-use applications. 

At Apsidien, we provide comprehensive Power Apps consulting, design, development, support, and maintenance of business applications. We have seamlessly integrated Power Apps with several data systems like SharePoint, Power Automate, Power BI, Teams, & Dynamics 365.


Whether you're looking to use Power Apps to customize SharePoint forms or build a complex custom business solution, we are here to help.

Some Common Scenarios In Which Power Apps Is Used

Quality Audit Logging

Client Intake Forms

Hybrid Work Requests

Vaccine Tracking

Vendor Management Systems

Power Apps

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI offers a way for you to have the right information at your fingertips from across multiple sources in order for you to make the best decisions for your organization.  In a world that continues to see massive data increases every year, you must have a quick and easy way to determine what information is important and actionable.  

At Apsidien, we can collect complex data from numerous sources and condense it to simple dashboards that allow you to spot patterns and trends within your organization so you can take action and continually improve on key metrics.

Some Common Scenarios In Which Power BI Is Used

Resource Management

Financial Reporting

Sales Scorecard

Claims, Billing & Collection Reports

Inventory Optimization

Power BI

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents lets you create powerful chatbots that can answer questions posed by your employees, customers, or visitors to your website.  It can give you the capability to deflect common customer questions to the chatbots and free up your employees to tackle more complex questions and issues. Power Virtual Agents is also available as an app within Microsoft Teams, which means you can easily create your own chatbots that answers questions posed by other employees or team members.  The bots use natural language processing to interpret what is being asked and find the correct topic to help the user. 

Power Virtual Agents includes powerful analytical tools to allow you to monitor the performance of your bots and pinpoint any areas that need improvement. Improve the efficiency of your organization with virtual agents that can handle the small tasks so you can focus on more meaningful work. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you make your organization more efficient using Power Virtual Agents.

Some Common Scenarios In Which Power Virtual Agents Is Used

Human Resource Questions

Product Questions, like Teams How-To’s

Customer Support

Virtual Agents

Our Power Platform Consulting Process

Our process starts with an assessment of your needs where we explore how we can migrate, modernize, and automate your manual processes.  Our goal is to save your oganization time, money, and resources.  

Step 1:

Platform Assessment

  • Power Platform Overview
  • Review Current Business Processes
  • Explore & Identify Specific Use Cases
Step 2:


With great power comes great responsibility and creating a controlled environment for technical and non-technical staff to utilize takes some initial planning & monitoring.  

Apsidien will use our expertise to finalize the correct balance of environments, policies and monitoring so that you can safely leverage the Power Platform without increasing organizational risks.

Step 3:

Create Business Applications

Apsidien will evaluate your business needs and using Microsoft technologies, will create a business application to solve your organization's business need.

During this step, we gather specific business requirements and customize our approach to the specific project.

What Can You Do With Power Platform?
See Some Of Our Many Success Stories.

Apsidien uses SharePoint, Team & Power Platform to design a COVID-19 Metrics Reporting system.  

Physician's Portal
Power Platform Dev.
SharePoint Site Dev.
Microsoft Teams App Development
A physician's portal was designed & implemented within days to share COVID-19 information within the organization.  The portal was accessible from Teams & SharePoint and was used to report COVID-19 metrics, projections & health system capacity, and upcoming information sharing town halls.
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What Our Clients Say

Standing up a SharePoint Intranet made rolling out our new "One Versiti" branding & messaging across our many distributed blood centers so much easier.  Apsidien helped guide us through the whole process, answering questions along the way and implementing it in a way that made it dead simple to use after initial launch. Thanks Apsidien!"

TK Kirkpatrick, Versiti

Business Team

Ready to Get Started?
Have More Questions About Microsoft Power Platform? 

Talk to one of our Power Platform experts and see how Apsidien can help your organization! 
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