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End of Support for SharePoint 2013: Are You Prepared?

What does this mean for your organization, including the risks as well as your options past the support date? Let us lay it out for you.

Microsoft announced that the end of support date for SharePoint 2013 will be April 11, 2023. After this date, SharePoint 2013 will no longer receive security updates, non-security updates, bug fixes, technical support, or online technical content updates. You can continue to use SharePoint 2013 unsupported after April 11th, however, that decision comes with many security risks and possible compliance issues and would not be recommended.

If your organization is still running SharePoint 2013, the following options are available to you:

  • Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 or 2019

  • Upgrade to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition on premises

  • Migrate to SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365

Risks You May Encounter By Remaining on SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 end of life does not mean this service will stop working on April 11, 2023 but Microsoft will no longer support this product so if you choose not to migrate to one of the above options, you may encounter the following risks:

  • Weakened Security: The software will no longer be receiving updates or patches, therefore, any security vulnerabilities that are discovered or if you become a victim of hackers or cybercriminals, will not be patched by Microsoft and will leave your organization at risk of a data breach.

  • Limited or No Technical Support: Microsoft will no longer be offering support, which means you are on your own to fix any bugs or issues without incurring additional charges for post-life support, which can be very expensive.

  • Compliance Issues: Not updating to a newer version of SharePoint can put your organization at risk of non-compliance with industry regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR.

  • Lack of New Features: With SharePoint 2013 no longer receiving updates, you will not have access to new features and functionality that are available in newer versions of the software.

  • Difficultly in Integration With Other Software: As technology changes and advances, it will become more difficult for you to integrate your SharePoint 2013 with newer systems and tools.

  • Cost of Customization: With Microsoft no longer supporting SharePoint 2013, any customization you do will be costly and time-consuming.

  • Business Interruption: Critical or key components to your organization’s business users will become less reliable and prone to issues over time. Without the support of Microsoft to get you up and running again very quickly, your organization will experience extended downtime when you are tasked to coordinate an unsupported fix, if a fix is at all possible.

Ultimately, making your organization vulnerable to any of these risks may hinder or disrupt your business operations. While taking on an upgrade or migration project may seem daunting, it’s important to prioritize and is a worthwhile investment to ensure the long-term health of your data and organization. Apsidien is a Microsoft Solutions Partner and offers migration planning and implementation services and can provide you with a plan on how to move forward. Let us help you get ready for April 2023!

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