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When to Use Power Automate: Do More With Less

Have you thought of the many repetitive tasks and manually intensive processes your organization does daily that could be automated, saving time, money and errors? Learn more about what Microsoft Power Automate can automate for your organization.

Power Automate is a powerful tool that is designed to automate repetitive tasks, connect different applications and services, create custom workflows, enhance productivity and streamline business processes within Microsoft 365. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform suite of tools and has become an essential tool for many industries and businesses, ranging from small startups to large enterprises in streamlining workflows and automating tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency.

You might be wondering how Power Automate can be used in your organization or just where to start and one of the main entry points is managing your files and documents that need approvals.

Document Approvals

Create a workflow that submits a document for approval to get published for the organization.

Other scenarios we're seeing where custom workflows are used to automate repetitive tasks and which you may be experiencing as well include:

  • Streamlining Communication: Automate tasks such as sending emails, text messages, or Teams chats to individuals or groups. For instance, create a workflow that sends a reminder email to your team every time a project milestone is reached or assign tasks to team members automatically through a custom form.

  • Collecting and Processing Data: Connect different applications and services to collect data automatically from different sources such as social media, online forms, or surveys and process them for analysis.

  • Automating Administrative Tasks: Automate tasks such as scheduling appointments, creating reports, or updating customer information. For instance, create a workflow that automatically schedules appointments with your customers based on their availability or send automatic reports to your team at the end of each week.

Industry Specific Needs: Countless Possibilities

There is a serious need for effective industry specific solutions for all the complex issues faced by present-day organizations. Many organizations are implementing Power Automate solutions to save time, reduce errors and increase efficiencies, allowing them to focus on growing their business all the while reducing costs. If you fall within one of these industries, you may be facing some of the same inefficiencies where automation and workflows can help.


The Banking industry is one of the industries that can see a significant benefit from the use of Power Automate. The banking process is filled with many small requests that bank personnel must complete. Power Automate allows for the routing of requests to the appropriate individuals and groups while also maintaining an audit trail on what happened during the process. Apsidien has created simple and complex workflows to simplify and control these processes.

Wealth Management

Wealth management organizations are dealing with hundreds to thousands of clients at a given time and each one requires a place to store multiple documents, statements and policy information. Advisors need to quickly access information while talking with clients and planning for their future. Apsidien has worked with Wealth Management organizations to consistently create highly organized repositories with the help of Power Automate and connect to external systems, like Dynamics CRM, so that advisors have access to what they need when they need it.


Manufacturing organizations can automate tasks such as quality control, inventory management, and order processing. Power Automate can also be used to integrate different systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, supply chain management (SCM) systems, and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. Apsidien has created many solutions to manage the approval of ISO documents and procedures along with submitting and approving corrective action requests.

Any Industry

Human Resources (HR) is another area that has seen a significant benefit from the use of Microsoft Power Automate. HR professionals deal with repetitive tasks such an employee onboarding along with automating tasks such as time-off request and benefits managements. Integrating different systems such as HR information systems (HRIS), applicant tracking systems (ATS), and payroll systems can have significant positive impacts to the organization. Apsidien has implemented numerous onboarding solutions to help organizations grow and get new hires up-and-running from their first day of employment.

Getting Started

You may now be reeling with ideas on how you can automate tasks within your organization. Although workflows developed using Power Automate can sometimes be simple to create, it’s not always. They can be complex depending on the scenario. Finding a Microsoft Solutions Partner that understands your challenges and can help you identify what works best for your industry is essential.

Learn more about Apsidien’s 3 Step Power Platform Consulting Process and how we can help your organization.

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