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Are you considering Power Automate for your organization?

Automating repetitive processes

Improving security

Leveraging all your Microsoft 365 solutions...

...are just a few of the benefits to using Power Automate, however, measuring the financial benefits of implementing this tool in your organization can be difficult.

The Total Economic Impact report can provide you with the framework to evaluate the potential financial impact Power Automate can have on your organization.

The TEI methodology helps organizations demonstrate, justify, and realize the tangible value of IT initiatives to both senior management and other key business stakeholders.

Download the FREE Total Economic Impact Report now!

This report provides you with:

Common key challenges organizations face

Key results from investing in Power Automate

Analysis of the benefits and ROI

IT Savings

Unquantified benefits

Analysis of costs

"We were able to reduce the number of people writing up quotes from two to one in each shop.  We have 20 locations."

VP of IT and purchasing, industrial equipment servicing

"We are now collecting data that we haven't been collecting for the last 20 years of operations.  We didn't know what we didn't know."

Cloud services manager, beverage distributor

"A recent web app we built would have cost 3x to 4x more using traditional tools.  That is a good, long-term ratio for cost savings."

Enterprise architect, power generation

Car-making factory

Optimize your processes and create apps focused on your business with Power Platform Consulting

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