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Thank you for your partnership and support.

We're excited to launch this new program and share our products and services with your referrals.

Learn More About the Referral Program

Here's How It Works!

For every qualified referral that results in a successful sale of our designated products or services with Apsidien, you'll receive a $500 gift card mailed to you when the project is started.

What makes a referral qualified?  
We're looking for organizations big or small that have a genuine need for our products or services and are not already engage with us.  Whether it's a colleague, partner, or acquaintance, send them our way!

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To make a referral, simply fill out the form below. 
Our team will take it from there!

Qualifying Products & Services

We are including our most popular products and services in the Referral Program. 

Collaboration MVP

Feeling overwhelmed with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint?  We work with organizations to educate them on the tools and structures needed to consistent, controlled document storage and working better together on projects and cross-functional groups. 

We also have a tool to automate the creation of Teams and SharePoint Sites to fully automate the process of requesting new workspaces within a controlled environment with little to no IT involvement.

Plan and Implement Microsoft Teams the Right Way!

Working on Laptop
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SharePoint Intranets

Who doesn't need a good digital workspace to share corporate news and events, distribute links to common business applications and tools, and centralize contact information?  An amazing hub for internal communication, collaboration and information sharing provides employees with access to documents, team sites, news and organizations resources, fostering connectivity and productivity across the business.

Achieve Your Business Goals in 12 weeks!

We offer a 12 week total timeline to implement a MVP SharePoint Intranet

Back-Office Automation

Do you hear people complaining about repetitive or manual back-office tasks?  These task can be time-consuming and prone to errors when done manually.  We can automate these processes to save time, reduce errors and improve overall efficiency.  We have built many sites, apps and workflows using SharePoint, Power Apps and Power Automate to provide value to organizations at different levels.

Automate Your Repetitive Tasks for a Streamlined Back-Office!

Approval-based processes, like PTO requests
New Hire On-boarding
Inventory Optimization
Claims, Billing & Collection Reports
Quality Audit-Login
Financial Reporting

Document Control for ISO Certification
Vendor Management Systems
Hybrid Work Requests
Resource Management

SharePoint Migrations & Modernization

Do you hear people talking about their outdates systems at work?  We are experts in helping organizations move existing SharePoint environments to the cloud or merging multiple environments during corporate mergers and acquisitions.  We are also able to use our experience in back-office automation to suggest and deliver replacement solutions to stay aligned to modern tools and techniques.

Upgrade and Future-proof Your Organization!

Replace legacy systems
Combining tenants in mergers & acquisitions


Fractional Staff Augumentation

Does it feel harder to find skilled employees recently?  We offer experts that can be used in a part-time capacity to help an organization maintain and enhance the use of SharePoint without having to staff one of two full-time resources.

Let us Help You Staff Your Next Project!

Our work is self-directed and can function as an extension of your team.
We are a trusted Microsoft Partner, with certified staff and client references.

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"We are now collecting data that we haven't been collecting for the last 20 years of operations.  We didn't know what we didn't know."

Cloud services manager, beverage distributor

"We were able to reduce the number of people writing up quotes from two to one in each shop.  We have 20 locations."

VP of IT and purchasing, industrial equipment servicing

"A recent web app we built would have cost 3x to 4x more using traditional tools.  That is a good, long-term ratio for cost savings."

Enterprise architect, power generation

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